Craft Stuff

A few years back, just after starting to write and kicking against having to show willing and get a 9 to 5, I decided to have a go at being self-employed in a craft sense.  I’d done this sort of thing before, years ago and thought I’d resurrect it in a web fashion.  I managed to get some help to set up a website, but it still cost me a lot more than I wanted to spend.  Apart from just having my ‘stuff’ on the website, I also attended craft fairs, and I’ve got to say most were dire; a lot worse than in the past.  People are just too used to cheap goods from China now, or getting things from £1 shops.  Peg MagnetsSo, needless to say, it didn’t really work.  Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to stick some stuff up here on the blog.  And if there’s anything you’re interested in, the chances are I’ll either still have it in stock, or it could be commissioned.  Leave me a message if that’s the case and I can get back to you on it. Each thing has a link if you scroll and look on the right hand side.  Thanks for having a look.


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