What Camera?

At the moment I am a bit addicted to a website where I can display my photography. You can find me here: http://www.tartanink.deviantart.com and you’ll also find I’ve asked the same question there as I am here.
The thing is, it’s about time I got a new camera – I have to add, this won’t happen for a while due to £££ restrictions, but I’m laying the ground.

The problem is … what to get????
The camera I have is well over five years old now. It’s a Sony Cyber-shot with 7.2mp – the most mp I could get at the time without going into mega-money. But things have moved on and mobile phones even have more pixel capacity on their camera facilities now than this :omg:
Way back, when I had an ordinary SLR, I had a Canon, which I was happy with. But I also do wonder what a Nikon would be like – I’m swithering between the two to be honest and haven’t yet done near enough research into which I think I’d like. And to be honest, I’m a bit worried about understanding all the uber-technical stuff. On the DevArt site I have had lots of helpful information, but it’s always good to have more.
I am open to hear the pros and cons about not just Canon and Nikon but all of them to be honest. It’s a costly thing to get wrong. I did at one point hope that my old lenses would fit, but a reply and subsequent investigation has  put paid to that I am afraid.
So there we have it. As I say, I’m sure there’s plenty of time to put them all on trial, so your comments will be welcomed and taken on board. I’m sure there are plenty who swear by one brand or the other but it’ll be interesting to weigh them all up.  :laughing:



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